Local Awareness Increased

Live saving training
A youngster learns lifesaving skills

Awareness sessions across Alnwick, Shilbottle and Alnmouth have helped increase the knowledge and confidence of those communities within which The Stephen Carey Fund have been active in improving the life saving skills and equipment.

With Shilbottle and Alnwick already equipped with public access defibrillators and Alnmouth soon to receive theirs it is vital that the local communities are fully aware of the location and functionality of the equipment at their disposal.

If you would like The Stephen Carey Fund to arrange a session for a group/organisation you are involved in or perhaps you would like the life saving skill of your employees or colleagues to be improved then please contact us using the box below.  As HeartStart Instructors we can, completely free of charge, provide training that could one day save the life of someone in need.

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