Full Marks To Local Schools

The Stephen Carey Fund are delighted to announce that two local schools have joined our campaign and have recently taken possession of defibrillators courtesy of the fund.

The fund approached several local schools recently and whilst we remain in discussions with a few the pupils of the first two now have the benefit and protection of their own defibrillator on site.

The James Calvert Spence College in Amble were the first and Peter Ayre is seen below receiving the defibrillator from our treasurer, Bryan Shendon.


The Duchess’s Community High School in Alnwick closely followed and Bryan was involved once again handing over to representatives from the school.


The Stephen Carey Fund is looking to provide Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) across Northumberland but recently have diverged into including assistance to the provision of defibrillators into other areas including schools and sporting clubs, etc.

Bryan Shendon, Treasurer for the fund, commented “Given the on site geography of a school and the number of individuals concentrated in one area it simply made sense for schools of this scale to have their own defibrillator”.

The Government has recently implemented policies which will see new schools provided with a defibrillator and announced a scheme that makes it easier for existing schools to acquire a device.  The Stephen Carey Fund welcomes these moves but in the instances above we have side stepped the red tape and acquired the defibrillators directly from our suppliers.

We hope to be able to make further announcements relating to other schools in the very near future.

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