Glendale League Provided With Free First Aid Kits

Glendale League receives free first aid kits from The Stephen Carey Fund


The Stephen Carey Fund this morning attended the pre-season meeting of the Glendale League, a junior football league based at Glendale Middle School in Wooler, and handed out 45 free first aid kits to the representatives of the various teams.

The fund has previously installed a Public Access Defibrillator at Glendale Middle School and it was agreed with the organisers of the league towards the end of last season that the fund would supply the first aid kits. Approximately 300-450 children play in the league each week and combined with the attending coaches and parents/guardians the fund felt the decision to assist the league was an easy one.

David Wilson, Communications Manager from The Stephen Carey Fund, also provided a brief demonstration of how a defibrillator works with the offer to all of the clubs and coaches of a more detailed British Heart Foundation Heart Start course should they wish to learn emergency life saving skills.

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