The Stephen Carey Fund achieves charity status

The 15th of September 2014 for most will be just another day and 1158573 just a random number but for the committee of The Stephen Carey Fund and its growing number of supporters it was the day that the cause was awarded full charity status from the Charity Commission and a number that will help the committee progress with their plans.

For the people behind the scenes at the charity this is a significant milestone in the creation of a legacy in honour of Stephen and for those who follow the cause a further reminder that this is only the beginning of the work that they have outlined for the future.

David Wilson, the Communications Manager for the charity said “It is sign of how far we have come in such a short space of time – I recall in our first year we debated whether we would be able to raise £5,000 each year (the fundraising sum which charities are required to achieve each year to attain and maintain charity status), little did we know where the next nine months would take us”.

“The fact that we are now a fully-fledged charity is almost a badge of honour for those on the committee and we see it as a vital platform for The Stephen Carey Fund to explore new areas of fundraising and to reach out to organisations who may previously have been unable to support us without this status.  It has brought a new energy to the group and we have already begun discussing what 2015 might bring”.

With almost 20 defibrillators deployed and a possible 20 more to be installed within the next four months the fund has smashed its targets for the first two years with ease and to date has raised over £65,000 with more funds and offers to fundraise coming in regularly.


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