Heart Of Gold Campaign Launched

Hexham Courant Heart Of Gold Campaign

The Stephen Carey Fund are delighted to announce that they have joined forces with the Hexham Courant to launch a new campaign to raise funds to install more Public Access Defibrillators within the Tyne Valley.

The ‘Heart Of Gold’ campaign follows the incident involving young Adam Stephen who was playing football for Bellingham in a fixture against Haydon Bridge.  Adam was extremely fortunate in that not only was there a GP, Paramedic and Community First Responder (CFR) close by but the CFR realised that he had left a defibrillator in the back of his car and was able to deploy it quickly and combined with the rapid transport to hospital via the Great North Air Ambulance.

Those familiar with the situation surrounding the death of Stephen Carey will appreciate the similarities with the exception that a defibrillator was not available and this most recent incident just highlights the importance of defibrillators within our communities.

Cardiac Arrest is responsible for the deaths of approximately 100,000 individuals in the UK each year making it one of the leading causes of death. There are no symptoms and the minutes following a Cardiac Arrest are vital as a casualties chances of survival diminish by 7-10% per minute. CPR alone is only successful in 5% of cases but when combined with use of a defibrillator and followed by rapid professional medical care the chances of surviving a Cardiac Arrest is circa 75%.

The Stephen Carey Fund was launched in February 2013 following the tragic death of 21 year old Stephen Carey who collapsed whilst playing football for Alnmouth Football Club. At the time of launching the Hexham Courant – Heart Of Gold Campaign the charity has installed in excess of 35 defibrillators throughout Northumberland and had already begun to venture into the Tyne Valley with installations at Stocksfield and Riding Mill respectively.

Should the target of £10,000 be attained then this would equate to 5/6 installations.

Communities within the Tyne Valley area are encouraged to show their support not only by making individual donations but to organise fundraising activities and help us persuade local businesses to join in and help us reach the target – to make a donation to the campaign click here.

Communities wishing to apply to receive one of the defibrillators that will be provided from the campaign they should email David Wilson from The Stephen Carey Fund.

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