Three Years On – The Legacy Grows

Stephen Carey
Stephen Carey on the ball for Alnmouth Football Club

Today marks the third anniversary of the tragic death of Stephen Carey.

Today is a time for family and friends to reflect on the time they spent with Stephen and also how he has been remembered.

Three years ago no one could have foreseen what was to unfold on this day, no one would have wanted to.  Now three years on the memories are still as vivid and still as painful.

Three years on and we can’t turn the clocks back, we can’t change what happened, we can only control what happens in the future.

Those involved in The Stephen Carey Fund vowed to create a legacy, a legacy that has now seen fifty defibrillators deployed across Northumberland and thousands trained in emergency life saving skills.

Several of those defibrillators have already been deployed, some of the people trained have already had to use their new skills in attempts to help save lives.

Take time today to remember Stephen whether it is a quiet moment to yourself, sharing memories with friends or perhaps raising a glass.

Tomorrow help us continue the legacy, help us create more lifesavers and help save lives so that others do not have to suffer the pain we all feel on days like today.

Gone but never forgotten, rest in peace Stephen.

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