Defibrillator for Alnwick Town Centre

This evening sees the end of a busy day for the charity as the initial story detailing our unsuccessful approach to Iceland Foods Ltd to install a Public Access Defibrillator broke in the Northumberland Gazette both in print and online this morning.

This afternoon we are delighted to confirm that we have spoken to a representative from Iceland Foods Ltd and have accepted their offer to place the cabinet and defibrillator at the Alnwick store.

During the course of the day we have observed much of the online debate and being part of the local community also aware of the discussions taking place on the streets of Alnwick and just wanted to deal with a few issues that have been raised today:

  1. We understand that some have interpreted the article to imply that the local store had some part in the decision process and we can confirm they did not. The team at Alnwick have been fully supportive of the fund and indeed raised considerable funds for our cause from the very early days before much of the local community even knew about the fund and what it was trying to achieve. Having been in contact with representatives at the store this afternoon with the good news they are delighted with the decision and will certainly be involved in the installation and unveiling of the equipment.
  2. The purpose of the story was not to shame Iceland Foods Ltd but a plea to Alnwick to help us find a home for this equipment, given the obvious connections people would make between Stephen and the company we felt it was prudent to advise of the approach and initial decision.
  3. We applaud Iceland Foods Ltd for not only the speed of their response today but in the manner in which they have accepted an error has been made and the sincerity of their offer. We have, since the launch of the charity, encountered a number of responses similar to that initially of Iceland and it absolutely highlights the lack of knowledge and awareness around cardiac arrest and defibrillators.¬†The change of heart by the company reinforces our belief that we must continue our drive to educate the public about the issue and perhaps reminds us that ‘no’ is never definite and maybe needs to be followed by an offer of one last discussion.

In summary people can make poor decisions and in big organisations this can be compounded by the wrong people making poor decisions, not every individual would always confess to their own mistakes and organisations can be even more reluctant to accept responsibility. Iceland have stepped forward, quickly and positively to rectify the issue at hand and agreed to place the defibrillator at the location we had always felt was the best for the centre of Alnwick. The Trustees of The Stephen Carey Fund have drawn a line under the issue and are happy to be working in conjunction with the company to install the equipment at the earliest opportunity.

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