Defibrillator Presented To Ashington Health Club

Oasis Health Club in Ashington received defibrillator from The Stephen Carey Fund
Kevin Crick (Oasis Health Club) receives a defibrillator from Scott McEwan (The Stephen Carey Fund)

Members of Oasis Health Club in Ashington were presented with a defibrillator after a successful fundraising campaign during 2015.

The management and members of the club got together following the collapse of club regular Darin Ferguson earlier in the year. Darin was cycling near Pegswood when the incident occurred and was saved by Andy Tomlin who had only been taught how to recognise a cardiac arrest and shown how to perform CPR 24 hours earlier by a Trustee of The Stephen Carey Fund.

The club members have raised not only enough money for the defibrillator but also sufficient to fund a cabinet so that the device can be placed on the outside of the building and available to the general public in the event of a cardiac arrest occuring in the vicinity.

Whilst the cabinet is being manufactured the defibrillator is in the safe hands of the health club staff and available for use during their opening hours, once the cabinet has been installed the equipment will be registered with the North East Ambulance Service and be available to appropriate incidents 24 hours a day.

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