Defibrillator Applications Suspended

The Trustees of The Stephen Carey Fund have made the decision this week to suspend any new applications for defibrillators until further notice.

The charity are currently managing 76 defibrillators across the county and are liaising with various communities and organisations that would potentially see this figure increase to over 100, assuming all projects in discussion come to fruition.

Trustee David Wilson stated “76 defibrillators in just over three years sees our yearly average at circa 25 cabinets and whilst we are only at the end of the second month, in our fourth year, we are already involved with various groups for 27 further potential placements”.

“We previously suspended applications in December 2015 to catch up on projects and to give the team a little respite over Christmas and that certainly helped both recharge the batteries and structure the early installations for 2016”.

The charity will now spend the next few months completing some of the more advanced projects whilst also following up some of the discussions which have ‘gone cold’ over recent weeks. This will help them identify how many projects they may be able to consider for the latter half of 2016.

The Trustees have also begun the process of implementing a software package which will provide them with a more robust and time efficient system to manage all of the deployed assets across the county.

Chairman Scott McEwan summarised “We have been successful far beyond any conceived targets and we feel that our immediate priority is to conclude ongoing projects with a good quality of service and set out a plan for the remainder of the year, and indeed into subsequent years”.

In the interim should you be interested in acquiring a defibrillator for your community please complete the form on our contact page – we will acknowledge receipt by email only and then log your details for future contact, we regret at this time we will not entertain discussions relating to costs, viability and timing of any new projects until a further announcement is made on this website and circulated via the respective social media channels.

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