Each of the Community Public Access Defibrillators (cPADs) provided by The Stephen Carey Fund is housed within a secure cabinet and both the cabinet and the defibrillator need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure that both are in good working order.

Whilst there is no legislation at this time for the management and maintenance of defibrillators as part of our agreement with the North East Ambulance Service we have committed to having each of our cabinets and the defibrillators within checked on a fortnightly basis.

Given the size of Northumberland and the number of cabinets placed it would be impossible for the Trustees to physically check all the cabinets without the support of our Community Guardian network.

Community Guardians are volunteers from the local community living near each of our cabinet locations who with some basic instructions visit the cabinet every two weeks to perform a series of simple checks to ensure that both the cabinets and defibrillators appear to be in good condition.

The Community Guardians report to The Stephen Carey Fund the results of each visit and in turn we collate the reports and submit a monthly update to the North East Ambulance Service.

This system allows both The Stephen Carey Fund and North East Ambulance Service to operate knowing that all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the defibrillators situated across the county are ready and able to be deployed satisfactorily if required.