A defibrillator is a device which is able to assess heart rhythms and where appropriate deliver a dose of electrical energy to the heart which actually stops the abnormal rhythm and allows the bodies natural pacemaker to restart the heart into a “normal” rhythm.

There are numerous models of defibrillator available from consumer level through to those utilised in professional health care.  In essence all perform the same basic functions:

  • Ability to assess the heart rhythms
  • Ability to deliver a shock if required

Beyond this the various different makes and models provide various other functions to aid with emergency life saving.

The Stephen Carey Fund initially took recommendations from both the North East Ambulance Service and private organisations to select the defibrillators we felt were appropriate to install across Northumberland.  This has now progressed to the fund regularly assessing the units available on the market and ensuring that we are up to speed with the various devices and technological advancements.

In addition we regularly monitor the costs of the devices and also their accessories to ensure that we are providing the appropriate balance in the best quality equipment for a fair price.

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