The Stephen Carey Fund have partnered with SPORTSassist in a deal which could not only see the fund receive donations but do so in a way which rewards our supporters equally.

The concept is simple, SPORTSassist provide a wide range of services, many of which most of our supporters will need on a regular basis such as Life Insurance, Mortgages, Pensions, Investments and more – how it helps our cause is that for every product sourced via SPORTSassist the charity could receive a minimum £50 donation.

SPORTSassist are offering to make a donation of £50 on your behalf in return for you agreeing to a Full Financial or Pension Review. All referrals and quotations are on a “no obligation” basis and of course you should always look to the wider market to ensure you have found the best deal for you.

To find out more about SPORTSassist please visit their website.

If you would like to speak to them about a free no obligation full financial or pension review which will net the fund £50, or a specific product quotation, please complete the form below:

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