Rothbury and Alnmouth Defibrillator Installations Scheduled

The first in a series of Public Access Defibrillator installations have been unveiled today by The Stephen Carey Fund.

The first is to be sited on the Jubilee Hall in Rothbury with the community training event scheduled for Thursday 16th October commencing at 7:30pm and the doors are open for the public to attend.

This is part of a programme that will see several defibrillators installed throughout the Coquet Valley following the Vintage Rothbury, organised by Rothbury WI, event in the summer which help co-fund the project.

The second installation takes place in Alnmouth with the positioning of a Public Access Defibrillator at Alnmouth Village Golf Club.  This unit was once again co-funded by the local community and in particular following the efforts of the organisers of the Alnmouth Family Fun Day which you may recall partnered The Stephen Carey Fund to install a unit at Hipsburn in 2013.  The fun day was so successful in 2014 that it is funding two installations and we are currently in talks with representatives from Lesbury to secure a location for the third device in the area.

These training sessions are a vital component of the work undertaken by The Stephen Carey Fund and the local communities in and around both Rothbury and Alnmouth are encouraged to attend their respective event – with the skills you will learn you could one day save a life!

3rd Defibrillator To Be Unveiled Near Alnmouth

Public Access Defibrillator

The Stephen Carey fund have installed their 3rd public access defibrillator in to the North Northumberland area. The latest unit has been sited at Hipsburn County First School, located close to the coastal village of Alnmouth and adjacent to the A1068 coast road.

The defibrillator is to be unveiled to the public at 7:00pm on Monday 18th November at Hipsburn First School, near Alnmouth. The evening will see The Stephen Carey Fund joined by the North East Ambulance service who will provide an awareness session to inform the local community about this new life saving device and also demonstrating life saving skills.

The installation of this device and this location is particularly poignant for those involved with The Stephen Carey Fund as it covers not only the pitch that he played so much football for the village but it is near his home and family.

We are delighted that the school, it’s governors and Northumberland County Council gave consent for the unit and more so that we were able to secure a device that not only is designed for use on adults but also for young children.

This is an open event and the public are more than welcome, and in fact encouraged, to attend – life saving skills are something we all need to learn and refresh ourselves with.