Heartstart Is A Knockout A Local Boxing Club

Alnwick Boxing Club
Members of the Alnwick Boxing Club receive their free first aid kits and Heartstart training from The Stephen Carey Fund

Members of The Stephen Carey Fund visited Alnwick Boxing Club on Tuesday 24th November to deliver their first ever British Heart Foundation Heartstart training session.

The recently qualified committee members of The Stephen Carey Fund made an appeal for groups and organisations to get in touch with the offer that with every Heartstart course delivered the fund would also donate a free first aid kit, Alnwick Boxing Club were the first such organisation to get in touch.

A healthy and eager crowd awaited Heartstart team and after a few introductions the training the fund had received in August was put into full swing. ¬†Scott McEwan, chairman of The Stephen Carey Fund said “we were all a little nervous at first but once we got started that passed and it was amazing to see the enthusiam within the club, all the youngsters really got hands on and certainly weren’t afraid to ask questions”.

The session was concluded in a little over an hour and The Stephen Carey Fund have agreed with Alnwick Boxing Club to run future sessions so that all of the members of the club have the opportunity to complete the training.

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Heartstart training courses are free and take a maximum of two hours. The course is suitable for all ages and covers a range of Emergency Life Support Skills (ELS), if you represent a business, organisation or group and would be interested in learning more about these courses please use the contact form below: