Lowick Community Turnout For Defibrillator Awareness Session

The Stephen Carey Fund hand over defibrillator to Lowick community

Driving up the A1 on a dark winters night probably isn’t everyones first choice for a midweek adventure but that is what three members of The Stephen Carey Fund did this week. ¬†Arriving at Lowick Village Hall at 7:00pm that very trio were greated by a car park full of vehicles and and a hall nearly as full.

No sooner had they walked through the door were they hands on helping the locals put out more seating as a steady flow of the Lowick faithful made their way into the hall.  Over 45 had turned out for the defibrillator induction session, once again kindly run by Alex Wheeler of the North East Ambulance Service, and this was a crowd eager to listen and learn.

Alex kindly introduced Scott and Dougie McEwan to the audience and without futher ado took everyone through the DRs ABC routine and onto how to use a defibrillator.

Approximately two hours later the session was concluded with a round of applause from the grateful people of Lowick who themselves should be once again commended for the turnout and enthusiasm for the evening.

The public access defibrillator which was installed over Christmas at the village shop is now combined with a sizeable portion of the community who have now seen how easy these devices are to use whether you are young or old.

If any other communities would like to join Lowick and have their own public access defibrillator please contact David Wilson on 07855 833730 or complete the contact form below: