Defibrillator Unveiled At Hipsburn

Defibrillator unveiled at Hipsburn First School

The Stephen Carey Fund in association with the North East Ambulance Service were delighted to unveil their third public access defibrillator last week. The latest unit has been installed at Hipsburn County First School following consultation with the school, its governors and Northumberland County Council. The unveiling coincided with an awareness session run by the North East Ambulance Service which was attended by members of the local community include those who organised the inaugural Alnmouth Fun Day which raised the funds necessary to purchase the defibrillator.

The Stephen Carey Fund in this instance have opted for a different defibrillator to the first two devices with this particular version being able to be utilised on both adult and child patients by simply flicking a switch compared to other brands which require the pads to be switched from adult to child versions. Stephen Shendon, on behalf of The Stephen Carey Fund said “with the unit being fitted to a first school with young children we felt that, even though the statistics for sudden cardiac arrest are very low for that age group, should an incident have occurred in the future and the device was not able to be utilised we would have failed in our goal to make communities safer – quite simply we opted for the right solution for this environment”.

Having already surpassed their first year target of raising circa £8,000 and installing a single defibrillator with a few months to spare The Stephen Carey Fund have now exceeded £17,000 and will be looking to install their fourth defibrillator before the New Year.