The Stephen Carey Fund Announced As Winners Of Jam Jar Army 2014 Appeal


The committee of The Stephen Carey Fund are delighted to announce that we were informed earlier this week that we have been successful in our bid to become the selected organisation in the Jam Jar Army 2014 appeal.

The news received late on Tuesday morning sparked some frantic phone calls and an even more frantic dash to grab some props for the photo shoot scheduled a few hours later.

The selection for the Jam Jar Army 2014 means so much to us due to the fact that it wasn’t a panel or a committee that decided we should be the nominated cause but that it was the public, the communities we are trying to ensure never have to go through the tragedy some of us and many others have had to.

That you took the time to complete the voting form and make that walk to the postbox or even deliver by hand to the Northumberland Gazette offices means that we have begun to realise one of our key goals.  We really wanted our cause not only to install defibrillators but to raise the level of awareness that is so desparately required to ensure more people have emergency life saving skills and to demystify the public access defibrillator so that the communities they are installed within have the confidence to use if ever required.

The funds that will be raised from the Jam Jar Army appeal will undoubtedly progress our cause and directly result in helping us achieve our goal of installing 20-30 defibrillators during 2014.  The awareness that the appeal will help us achieve will push The Stephen Carey Fund to a level we couldn’t possibly have dreamed of as we come to the end of our first year in existence.

We now look forward into 2014 and beyond with the confidence that we will achieve some great things together with our partners and more so with our supporters both old and new.

Once again thank you so much for your support.