Fund’s First Defibrillator Unveiled

The Stephen Carey Fund
Members of Stephen Carey’s family, representatives from Shilbottle Parish Council and North East Ambulance Service unveil the first defibrillator for the fund.

The Stephen Carey Fund are delighted to announce that their first public access defibrillator is now live.  The unit which has been installed on the exterior of the K-Chem Pharmacy on Grange Road in Shilbottle is a top of the range Heartsine 500P and was unveiled at 2:00pm this afternoon in front a group of gathered locals from the village.

To present the unit to Shilbottle Parish Council were committee members of The Stephen Carey Fund and also members of Stephen’s family.  Representatives from the North East Ambulance Service who brought along one of their fast reponse vehicles and allowed locals to try their hand at CPR on a ‘Little Anne’ as well as get hands on with a training version of a defibrillator.  Parish Council Chairman Tom Scott said “This defibrillator is truly a great asset for the village but one I hope that we will never have to use”.

Dougie McEwan, of The Stephen Carey Fund, reiterated that “this is a community project and we are delighted with the response we have seen from local people and organisations, the parish council and schools as well as local businesses have all been extremely receptive to our approaches and we truly feel that this achievement is not down to just the fund but to the collective community”.  Dougie later went on to explain that the fund were in the process of putting the final arrangements in place for the second defibrillator which is to be sited at Alnwick Cricket Club and is likely to be unveiled towards the end of July.

The North East Ambulance Service will be running awareness/training courses within the village in the coming weeks and months details of which will published on The Stephen Carey Fund website as well as local parish magazines and publications.