Ford Scout Camp Unveils Public Access Defibrillator

Ford Scout Camp receives Public Access Defibrillator
Dougie McEwan presents the cabinet and defibrillator to Dougal Coates at Ford Scout Camp (also in picture is Kieran Cromarty a local electrican who fitted the unit free of charge)

Our latest defibrillator was unveiled atĀ Ford Scout Camp this evening prior to a community training session.

The unit was funded following a collaboration between theĀ Peter T Coates Memorial Fund, our friends over at likeminded charity North East Hearts With Goals and of course The Stephen Carey Fund.

The Davison Activity Centre, the building upon which the device has been sited, is utilised by a wide range of groups including the Scouts, Guides and DofE Groups, etc so when the fund was approached it was only minutes before we were onboard.

Fund Treasurer Bryan Shendon commented “Whilst this location is not isolated it is most certainly very rural and despite all the best efforts of the regional ambulance service getting to such a location could take time, vital minutes for someone who as suffered a cardiac arrest, therefore we were delighted to help out”.