Fund Committee Now Qualified As Defibrillator Operators

Rapid Reaction Training
Adrian Brown presents Defibrillator Operator certificates to The Stephen Carey Fund committee


The committee of The Stephen Carey Fund undertook a spot of training earlier last month in order to progress the training they themselves are able to present to communities and organisations.

Adrian Brown of Rapid Reaction kindly donated his and his firms time to carry out the training session and subsequent assessment in conjunction with Leisure Force who organised and issued the certificates.  Both organisations waived all charges for the training and accreditation with Adrian Brown stating “What The Stephen Carey Fund has undertaken and is delivering in Northumberland will simply save lives and we just wanted to make a contribution in our own way to their cause.”

This latest training when combined with the Heart Start Instructors course the committee successfully completed in 2013 now means that the team can now deliver Emergency Life Saving training from first encounter with a patient through to utilising a defibrillator.

Scott McEwan, Chairman of The Stephen Carey Fund said “Having now completed both assessments we are able to take on a more proactive role in that not only can we install the public access defibrillators ourselves but we are able to now deliver the public familiarisation sessions which up until now had to be carried out by the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS)” and went on to say “we can’t thank enough Adrian and his team from Rapid Reaction and also the generosity from Leisure Force for their help and also NEAS for sanctioning the committee to deliver the installation awareness training for the future”.

£20,000 Anonymous Donation Received

It is the news we have been waiting just over a week to have confirmed and be able to announce to you all. The Stephen Carey Fund has scored a £20,000 donation from an anonymous benefactor, who also gave the same amount to North Tyneside-based charity North East Heart and Goals.

Both ourselves and North East Hearts and Goals, backed by former pro-footballer Fabrice Muamba will be able to utilise these donations to improve the lifesaving equipment and skills in their respective areas.

Scott McEwan, chairman of The Stephen Carey Fund, said: “We are absolutely ecstatic. The money will allow us to get more defibrillators for different areas, which is absolutely fantastic.”

The campaign has exceeded its first-year fund-raising target, collecting nearly £20,000 – before the recent five-figure donation – and has secured defibrillators for Alnwick, Shilbottle, Hipsburn First School, Lowick and Glendale Middle School, the latter two to be installed in the coming weeks. The fund is also working with other organisations, such as East Chevington Parish Council and Alnwick Amateur Boxing Club recently to help provide further equipment and training.

Scott added: “In the last year, we have worked closely with the football clubs within the North Northumberland League, providing members of each team with an FA-recognised first-aid qualification and first-aid kits, but felt we could do more. We hadn’t realised how important defibrillators are or how easy they are to use until we met Paul and Alex from North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) NHS Foundation Trust”.

“We have already helped five areas get defibrillators, but we have so many inquiries coming in all the time, and as the awareness is raised, we expect more.”

The NEAS NHS Foundation Trust is backing both funds, providing advice and guidance as well as training to those receiving defibrillators.

If you would like to contact us regarding a defibrillator for your area or to receive a free first aid kit and Heartstart training session please complete the form below: