Defibrillator unveiled at Longhirst

Scott McEwan and Lisa Hardy
Scott McEwan (The Stephen Carey Fund) and Lisa Hardy (North East Hearts and Goals) unveil the new defibrillator at Longhirst Hall Golf Club

A joint effort between The Stephen Carey Fund and North East Hearts and Goals has resulted in a Public Access Defibrillator being unveiled at Longhirst Hall Golf Club this evening.

Representatives from both causes met and ensured everything was in order before placing the defibrillator within the cabinet and posing for the obligatory photographs.

Longhirst Hall Golf Club contacted North East Hearts and Goals and were very keen to place a unit on the site having recently lost a well loved local, Derek Purvis, who died whilst at the course.   We were only too happy to get involved and will be arranging training for all the staff in the immediate future.