Donation From MG Northumbria

MG Northumbria, a classic car group, have handed over a cheque for £1,800 to The Stephen Carey Fund which will go towards a fully funded Public Access Defibrillator within Northumberland.

The award is one one of many made by MG Northumbria to small charitiable organisations across the North East following a fundraising effort at their annual Corbridge Classics event which featured several hundred classic cars and a packed showfield. The group raised in excess of £13,000 for good causes and pride themselves on helping the smaller charities with a stipulation that all donations are put towards something with tangible benefit.

David Wilson, Trustee for The Stephen Carey Fund, attended the event to receive the cheque and met with several members of the MG Group and announced “the donation will be put to immediate use as talks with representatives at Tynedale Park have led to an agreement to place a Public Access Defibrillator at the venue which we think is apt not only because that is where the monies were raised but also given the number of sporting teams who use the venue, events held at the location and of course the local residents”.

The installation will be the first of two defibrillators for the village as the charity has also been in talk with representatives of the local community with regards to the placement of another Public Access Defibrillator within the main part of the village. At this stage funds are still being collected but with a view to finalising the package in the near future.

MG Northumbria invite all of the groups benefiting from their respective donations to attend the Corbridge Classics in 2016 and the Trustees of The Stephen Carey Fund have stated they are very much looking forward to meeting many who will have dug deep to help out their cause.